Afterschool Pick-up Program

For parents with busy schedules we provide a pick-up service at Martial Posture studio.  This program currently includes pick up from Albert M. Greenfield, Chester Arthur School, Edwin M. Stanton School, Russell Byers Charter School and Independence Charter School. With the main focus of the program on Martial Arts and/or Hip-Hop Dance, the children will also be provided with time to do homework, eat snack, and participate in several other activities that will be martial arts/fitness/hip-hop themed. They will also be eligible for special discounts on our extra-curricular visual art & percussion programs and school closing/early dismissal camp pr ograms.

  • Pick up program runs from 3pm to 6pm every weekday
  • Services are also provided to schools like Chester Arthur and Independence
    Charter School that have early dismissals on a weekly basis
  • Includes a class program, based on either a Martial Arts or Hip Hop Dance Focus
  • Tuition is based on weekly attendance
    • 1x weekly = $259/month
    • 2x weekly = $299/month
    • 3x weekly = $339/month
    • 4x weekly = $379/month
    • 5x weekly = $419/month

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